Hotel Royal Terme di Valdieri - Valdieri (CN), Italia

«Our structure is settled in the heart of the Natural Park of the Maritime Alps and the environmental sustainability has always been at the centre of our policies. For years now we use the thermal spring hot water for the heating of the hotel and we have also installed an hydroelectric plant to produce electricity.
We are proud to have been selected as pilot project in neZEH also because finally our efforts made so far have been appreciated and we feel supported and guided in the path towards the nearly zero energy hotel target.»

Daniela Bonetto, owner

Număr de paturi210
Principalele facilitățiSpa
Clasificarea după numărul de stele3***

Obiective de eficiență energetică ce trebuie atinse pentru a realiza statutul de neZEH
Estimare economii energie36%*
Estimare necesar energie regenerabilă81%*
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* The hotel produces more energy than the amount it consumes. The consumptions of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and domestic hot water are completely absorbed through the exploitation of thermal springs. After the neZEH project the hotel could sa

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