Buildings consume 40% of the total energy and emit 36% of greenhouse gases in Europe, therefore represent a high potential for energy savings. Large scale renovations of existing buildings towards Zero Energy are in the forefront of EU and national policies.

The European initiative Nearly Zero Energy Hotels (neZEH) aimed to accelerate the rate of large scale renovations of existing hotels into Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) by:
• providing technical advice to committed hoteliers
• demonstrating flagship nZEB projects in the European hospitality sector
• undertaking training and capacity building activities.

neZEH responded to the European Directive on the energy performance of buildings (2010/31/EU, EPBD recast), contributing directly to the EU 2020 and 2050 targets and supporting Member States to their national plans for increasing the number of nZEBs.

The neZEH initiative run for three years (2013-2016) and was co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme (IEE) of the European Commission.

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16 nearly Zero Energy Hotels inpiring Europe to achieve nearly Zero Energy targets. Learn about the neZEH frontrunners.