Balvanyos Grand Hotel - Târgu Secuiesc, România

“By turning a hotel into a Nearly Zero Energy Building means not only energy savings and reducing operating costs, but also accessing a new market (customers and institutions) devoted to 'sustainability' and sustainable development.
Grand Hotel Balvanyos is an oasis of tranquillity in the middle of nature, located in a privileged natural setting, surrounded by the amazing view of Bodoc mountains.
Our clients visit us to spend a holyday far from urban noise, with many outdoor programs and activities, as well as multiple relaxation opportunities.
By turning into a nearly Zero Energy Hotel (neZEH), our customers will appreciate even more our services, which we hope will significantly increase our occupancy rate”

Hotel Brochure EN, RO

TypeResort hotel
Main facilitiesHotel & Restaurant, fitness centre, conference rooms
Hotel rating4****

Energy Efficiency targets to be achieved at the neZEH status
Estimated energy savings62%
Estimated share of RES43%
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