The neZEH Consortium

The Nearly Zero Energy Hotels (neZEH) is led by a consortium of 10 committed partners from 7 EU Member States, including 2 European associations and one UN specialized agency. The consortium holds a wealth of experience from various complementary fields aiming at building an integrated approach, adapted to the hotel sector needs.

 Project  Coordinator
 Technical University of Crete, School of Environmental Engineering
 Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems Lab
   World Tourism Organization
   Network of European Regions for a Sustainable and Competitive Tourism
   Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning Associations
   Agency of Braşov for Energy Management and Environment Protection
   Creara Consultores S.L.
   ENERGIES 2050
   Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar
   Istituto Superiore sui Sistemi Territoriali per l’Innovazione
   Sustainable Innovation