Benefits for the hospitality sector
neZEH offers a competitive advantage to SME hotels which represent 90% of the European hospitality market and benefits the whole hospitality industry through:

  • Energy saving and reduction of operational costs
  • Unique positioning in a highly competitive market
  • Improved image and service among guests
  • Access to a whole new "sustainability" market segment, both individuals and companies 
  • Increased guests’ loyalty by improving living comfort and enriching experience 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility targets met; Environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Benefits for the EU Community
neZEH managed to raise awareness and knowledge of the nZEB concept at regional, national and European level, promoting the endorsement of nZEB policies and contributing, in this way, to:

  • sensitise national authorities to put in practice policies that support SMEs in undertaking refurbishments to become nZEB 
  • 80-190 M€ investments in sustainable energy by 2020
  • new green jobs creation
  • reduction of GHG emissions up to 100.000 tCO2e/year by 2020.