Best Western Hotel Ajaccio Amiraute- Ajaccio, France

«We embarked in the neZEH project as a continuity of an engagement which really began in 2013, when the hotel was awarded the Ecolabel. Today, we wish to take this engagement further. The neZEH project offered us an opportunity to benefit from an energy audit, which is the starting point to everything that will happen next, by identifying the problems, analysing them and proposing adapted solutions. Like the Ecolabel, this project is also an opportunity to federate the team around a common goal and to learn how to work differently. Pursuing our environmental engagement is also, for some clients, another motivation to choose our hotel»

Bernard Faraud, Co-founder

Hotel Brochure EN, FR 

Main facilitiesBar-lounge, spa, swimming pool
Hotel rating4****
Environmental labelsEuropean Ecolabel

Energy Efficiency targets to be achieved at the neZEH status
Estimated energy savings55%
Estimated share of RES20%
Hotel website,Best-Western-Ajaccio-Amiraute,93604

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