Cubix Hotel - Brașov, Romania

​«We believe the rational use of resources, especially energy, within our hotel represents a bet we have to win for the environment, and not against it. The partnership we have with the neZEH team in Romania was a crossing point for us. It was then when we actually understood that by using it non-rationally, we in fact lose energy.

From this moment on, there is a great deal of actions to be taken and important investments to be done. But we actively think about our future and we wish to have, in a very short while, a new brand: CUBIX - a nearly zero energy hotel!»

Hotel Brochure EN, RO

Main facilitiesBreakfast restaurant, bistro bar and conference room
Hotel rating4****

Energy Efficiency targets to be achieved at the neZEH status
Estimated energy savings77%
Estimated share of RES37%
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