Hôtel des Gorges-du-Verdon - La Palud sur Verdon, France

«Due to the location of the hotel, at the heart of the magnificent Natural Park of Verdon, we have always been engaged in sustainable development. Our communication on this engagement is more recent. But we are in constant search for improvement, in order to go beyond what we have already put in place. This is why, when we were contacted by ENERGIES 2050 for the neZEH project, we saw a true challenge, that we are delighted to try and overcome with you»

Hélène BOGLIORO, owner

Hotel Brochure EN, FR

Main facilitiesHotel, Restaurant, Spa, pool area, play area
Hotel rating4****
Environmental labelsEcolabel européen, Clé Verte, Clé Verte restaurant, Hôtel au naturel, Qualité tourisme, Maître-restaurateur, Collège culinaire de France, Bon pour le Climat

Energy Efficiency targets to be achieved at the neZEH status
Estimated energy savings80%
Estimated share of RES20%
Hotel websitehttp://www.hotel-des-gorges-du-verdon.fr

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