Hotel Amalurra - Bizkaia, Spain

«We started as a group of people motivated for the practice of an individual and group emotional ecology powered by Irene Goikolea more than twenty years ago. Until now we have brought this intention in reforestation and ecological agriculture. We have been gradually developing this energy converse goal with lighting systems, solar panels, bioconstruction, etc.
We embarked in the neZEH initiative to open gates to a new international market to clients, to establish ourselves with a peculiar attribute which it’s a trend and a global need and also to the realisation of a desire of expansion as a collective»

Luis Bernardo de Carrera, Responsible for operation and maintenance

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Main facilitiesRestaurant, outdoor swimming pool, spa and Sauna, coffee- bar, meditation room, meeting room, events salon, outdoor activities facilities
Hotel rating1*
Environmental labelsQ of turist quality

Energy Efficiency targets to be achieved at the neZEH status
Estimated energy savings65%
Estimated share of RES61%
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