Hotel Split - Podstrana (Split), Croatia

"It has taken up to 10 years to achieve nZEB status of Hotel Split. The process started back in 2001 when it was decided to consider all the environmental impacts of building a hotel situated on the very beach. That meant that all the processes of planning, projecting and constructing should have been reviewed and adjusted. Stubbornness in finding the best solutions has resulted in more time needed. Remember, to be truly green and environmental friendly, it is not just energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Most of the waste produced by the hotel is recycled and reused by local artists that make artworks."

Hotel Brochure ENHR

TypeHotels B&B
Main facilitiesSpa, sauna, outdoor pool, gym
Hotel rating4****

Energy Efficiency targets to be achieved at the neZEH status
Estimated energy savings14%
Estimated share of RES68%
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