Residence L’Orologio - Turin, Ιταλία

«We decided to undertake this initiative because we believe that the Italian hotel sector has to rise to European standards and look to the future by adopting smart strategies of integrated sustainability.
We are proud to be a neZEH pilot project and through this initiative we hope to take the right path to become a lighthouse example, able to involve tourists and others hoteliers in sustainability and environmental consciousness.
We believe eco-sustainability is a very distinctive parameter for the expanding niche of "responsible tourists", careful in their daily choices as well as in the choice of their holidays destination.
Moreover, it is now widely known that green policies allow reducing energy consumptions and having "zero impact" on the environment, primary goals in our policy.»

Stefania Talaia, owner

Hotel Brochure EN, IT

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Στόχοι ενεργειακής απόδοσης neZEH
Εξοικονόμηση ενέργειας46%
Ποσοστό χρήσης ΑΠΕ41%
Ιστότοπος ξενοδοχείου

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