poster7 The Poster is addressing to individuate the “Best Sustainable Solution for Tourism and Hotel Buildings Sector”, particularly in that areas where is foreseen a huge touristic demand and hotels need. For this purpose, the main technical professionals founders of the First National Network for Zero Energy buildings in Italy (Network Edifici a Consumo Zero), has designed a pilot or case study to replicate immediately in the lands of Matera municipality. Here starting form this year there will be an increasing demand in the accommodation industry due to the attraction of the recent title of European Capital of Culture 2019. In the last thirty years, related European studies in the past cities, capitals of culture, have confirmed that when this title is done, it contributes to the social, environmental and economic growth of that city.

So we think to indicate, taking Matera like best example, a municipal policy to enhance the transition towards sustainable tourism and city development to accommodate potential visitors, through nZEB and also ZEB approaches. It has been chosen a portion of land (14 hectares), currently used for agricultural purposes, far away 3km from Matera’s center, exactly at the doors of the city, attached to the highway towards Bari international airport, and indicated by Urban Development Plan for accommodation and hotel buildings exclusive use. To achieve the goal fixed in the topic of the poster, the designers, grace to their architectural and engineering professional experience background, have conceived, in an holistic approach, a real case or pilot project of an hotel, in the resort formula, showcasing technologies and innovations supporting environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, use of renewable energy, electricity storage by fuel cells, that are tools particularly interesting and applicable in hotels. The replicability of this case study or pilot project will be aligned jointly to the target of Zero Emission and Energy Efficiency, as imposed by EU directives, by harnessing the important European funding measures coming either from H2020 or from FCH-JU and related stakeholders, or investors, in the hydrogen industry.

The strategic position of Matera in Europe, as the hub of mix culture from north and south of the world, the location in a geographical point (Mediterranean basin) full of sun and wind renewable energy power, enabling to ensure the clean energy production, the current interesting development of the hydrogen as energy vector in the buildings, the need of satisfying the accommodation of tourists without high energy costs, and at the same time the presence in the city of Matera of the best example worldwide of ancient and sustainable built environment (Sassi), added to the possibility to insert this poster’s topic in the programming of the next cultural events in Matera, will allow to spread and disseminate better the achieved results for a major success of neZEH and Capital Matera Zero Energy Resort.