All you need to know about renovating a hotel to a nearly zero energy building neZEH Training Courses in Madrid, Spain

neZEH Training Courses in Madrid, Spain 

CREARA, the neZEH partner in Spain, is organising two training courses on nearly zero energy hotels, in Madrid:

  1.  for hotel owners, managers and hotel’s technical staff on 16-18 March 2015
  2.  for building and energy sector professionals on 10-12 March 2015

The training activities will be held at the Headquarters of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation - UNWTO (C/ Capitan Haya, 42 – Madrid), including a study visit to a hotel of the NH Hotel Group complying with energy efficiency and sustainability measures within the framework of the environmental strategic policies of the company. Participation to the courses is free and registration is required. The language will be Spanish.

“Towards neZEH hotels – Benefits, Steps and Guidelines” is the neZEH course addressed to hotel owners, managers and technical staff and aims at introducing the participants to the concepts of nearly energy buildings and energy efficiency, while giving them useful insights on solutions suitable for hotels wanting to cut down their energy expenses and becoming pioneers in the hospitality industry, by reaching nearly zero energy operation. At the same time, the training will focus, among others, on the benefits gained from energy renovations and marketing aspects.

Building and energy sector professionals will follow the training course “How to design a neZEH project”; they will be introduced to the basic terminology and calculations of nearly zero energy buildings, find out about nearly zero requirements in their country, while gaining important insight on suitable energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions that can be applied in hotel renovations. They will learn how to assess the feasibility of nearly zero energy projects and the basics on how to develop a nZEH project.

The neZEH training include: Benefits of being neZEH, Energy saving principles in buildings, steps towards a nearly zero energy hotel renovation., assessment of the feasibility of nearly zero energy projects at hotels, contracting and financing issues Energy saving techniques/technologies and renewable energy sources integration, simulation and other useful tools, marketing concept and user behaviour, also analysis of successful cases of nearly zero energy hotels.

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