The neZEH 2016 International Conference at FITUR GREEN 2016 successfully took place in Madrid - 20 January 2016. The video recordings and presentations are now available online

The neZEH 2016 2nd International Conference successfully took place in Madrid on the 20th of January 2016, as part of the FITUR Green 2016, one of the thematic areas showcased during the FITUR 2016 International Tourism Trade Fair in Madrid. The Conference was organised with the support of Instituto Tecnologico Hotelero (ITH) and FITUR, UNWTO partners in the organization of FITUR Green and was co-funded by the European Commission in the frame of the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme.

The Conference recordings and presentations are now available online!

The second neZEH International Conference “Nearly Zero Energy Hotels, the Potential for Change”-neZEH 2016 - paved the way towards nearly Zero Energy in the accommodation sector, offering a forum to hotels to discuss about the challenges they face in this transition and explore contemporary business and economic growth solutions, learning from the leading examples of the neZEH frontrunner pilot hotels.

Around two thirds of global carbon emissions come from energy use. The tourism sector , as a provider of services, is an important energy consumer and over over 20% of its carbon emissions come from accommodation. There are huge opportunities and potential for the hotel industry to change and reduce its energy consumption and thus important benefits for hotel businesses in Energy (reducing their operational and maintenance costs, increasing independence from energy suppliers, improving their energy efficiency and taking advantage of funding opportunities), Branding (gaining visibility in the sustainability market segment, increasing their competitive advantage) and Added Value (reducing their carbon footprint, meeting corporate and social responsibility targets, increasing living comfort and innovating in guests’ experience).

The conference introduced the main challenges faced by hotels in the transition to nearly Zero Energy and explored contemporary business and economic growth solutions. In the context of the European neZEH initiative, sixteen pilot hotels across seven European countries (Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Romania, Spain and Sweden) follow a renovation plan to become nearly Zero Energy Hotels and stand out as examples of good practice in Europe. Their leading example paved the way towards these objectives.

The neZEH 2016 conference offered the participants opportunities to:

  • Gain new perspectives on the opportunities of energy innovation in the accommodation sector
  • Network with key stakeholders involved on topics related to tourism and sustainable buildings
  • Participate in high-level discussions on the questions that matter most
  • Learn from experts on innovative tools and support mechanisms
  • Get inspiration and knowledge from the front runners